as a GISer
Something I Do Not Know

This blog records the trivia that I do not know exactly before. Unlike the blog The Common Knowledge about Switzerland focusing on Switzerland, this blog will be more free to include knowledge in various regions and fields.

The Commen Knowledge about Switzerland

This blog records some common konwledge about Switzerland with regards to the geography, local cuisine and custom, and others.

Managing Multiple Python Environments

In order to separte the python enviroments in which multiple machining learning or deep learning tools are deployed, it is necessary to install multiple python virtual enviroments in a computer. This blog mainly introduces some tips about the effective management of python virtual environments by using the conda.

How to Cite the Bibliography in Latex

These days, I am writing my research proposal by using the latex whose template is downloaded online. In order to beautify the style of my proposal, I should adpat the template. In this process, I found not understanding the real functions of some latex marcos so as to take much time to adapt the template.

How to Redeploy the Blog Site in Another Computer

Recently, as I have been using a new computer, I should redeploy the blog site whose source code is in my previous computer. Here, I would record the general process of reployment.

How to Build Blog Site on GitHub Using Hexo

Hexo+GitHub is the most popular technical solution to write, publish and write personal blogs. In this blog, I will write the whole process to build my blog site on github based on Hexo, although there have been technical articles about this topic.