These days, I am writing my research proposal by using the latex whose template is downloaded online. In order to beautify the style of my proposal, I should adpat the template. In this process, I found not understanding the real functions of some latex marcos so as to take much time to adapt the template.

1. Before Citing the Bibliography

  • include citation package \usepackage[options]{natbib}
    comment: natbib defines another formats to replace the default citation package \cite
  • define the bibliography style \bibliography{option}
    comment: the bibliography style depends on the styles installed in the latex system rather than being tied to the citation package. Firstly, I misunderstood that the bibliography style is binded with citation package, leading to when I always altered them simultaneously

2. How to Cite the Bibliography

  • use citet or citep if include the natbib package
  • use \bibpunct to customize the punctuation of citation text

3. References
During the whole process, I also refer to another blogs as follows: